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Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in Argentina, Bolivia, Budget, Chile, Peru, South America, Travel Info

Budget: South America – 51 Days

Budget: South America – 51 Days

Although I was living the last 10 months in South America – I only starting this budget during my 51 day backpacking trip through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

I love numbers, being organized, and keeping track of my finances – this is a personal preference. As a backpacker – I do count all my pennies, but by no means am I cheap. I will pay for entrances into churches I really want to see, and I will buy a nice meal every once in awhile. I saw, ate, and enjoyed everything I wanted without feeling like I deprived myself for the sack of saving a dollar and still managed to maintain a $42/day budget.


The only item not included on this budget was my flight. This is due to me already living in South America and already having a return ticket available to me. This cost I included in my Argentina Expat Budget (not published yet). But for reference sake: My RT flight from Canada into Buenos Aires, Argentina and out of Lima, Peru cost me $721 CAD.

For calculation sake

  • Half $721 = $360.50.
  • South America 51 day Total = $2150 + 360.50 (Flight) = $2510.50
  • $2510.50 / 51 Days = $49.23

Even with the inclusion half the cost of my RT flight, I still have a daily spending of less than $50 CAD per day. (Which is the standard I set for myself as an Average of all my world travels)



  1. Nice budgeting! I love the idea of posting it too, so people can get an idea of cost variance between neighboring countries.

    • Thanks! I always found understanding budgets well helps me prepare for my travels. When I go in blind – costs shock me! and I may end up overspending somewhere I did not realize was THAT expensive. Budgets and Obsessive money Tracking – Things I enjoy.

  2. Definitely going to come in handy for our upcoming Peru/Bolivia trip,. Was Isla del Sol worth the visit?

    • I did love Isla del Sol. It was a nice place to relax and hike. It is VERY small, but if you have 2 or 3 days, I’d say stop by. The only thing that was difficult was the altitude and climbing the gazillion stairs to reach the top!

  3. Oh wow! I really appreciate this level of detail! This is very useful for my Bolivia trip planning. Who did you take the tour with, and would you recommend it?
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