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Posted by on Feb 11, 2012 in Asia, Indonesia

Bandung, Indonesia: Old friends & Train Discomfort

Bandung, Indonesia: Old friends & Train Discomfort

I took the Train to Bandung from Yogyakarta to visit my AIESEC friends I met in Taiwan at APXLDS conference in March.

Well, I love trains, more so, a good train ride. There was nothing wrong with this train – except I almost pee’d myself in silent laughter. I had a man, about 45, sitting next to me, who when he sat down, put his pillow RIGHT on my shoulder, put his head down, and went to sleep. Meanwhile I am looking bewildered wondering whats going on? I was utterly confused as to why he was leaning on me because I couldn’t move – He was cozied right on up to me. I kept moving to maybe get him to get off my shoulder but he would just re-adjust himself. After about an hour he FINALLY got off me but I was almost in tears it was so funny by then. It was my silent struggle. EVERYBODY was Indonesian on the train – so I was all alone trying not to laugh out loud at the hilarity of the situation. But looking around – it seemed to be normal to lean on the person next to you. You would figure there might be an exception for young blonde foreigners? But Nope – no exceptions – they are blending me into their culture! Uncomfortable train rides and all.

I arrive in bandung bright and early 6AM to be precise. I called up Inez who was super and woke up early expecting my call. I took a taxi to her apartment and she is letting me crash for the next few days. Yesterday I met up with Cao (from APXLDS, Singapore delegate) and Teresa (intern here in Bandung from Texas). We went and did what all girls do when in large groups: SHOP. Spent the afternoon wandering through markets and malls then in the evening attended a ‘family gathering’ hosted by AIESEC Bandung. Hung out with AIESEC’ers all night and played games, and danced, and smiled.

The next day a group of 5 of us headed up to the top of a volcano to see the sulfuric pond. It smelled horrid, but it was nice and warm and the steam kept me warm against the VERY cold weather at the higher altitude of the volcano.

I finally headed to Jakarta and caught my flight to the Philippines for my summer job.

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  1. ROTFL!! as far as I know, there’s nothing such a usual thing to lean on stranger in the train in Indonesia. But glad that you took it as a funny experience. cheers!