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Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Asia, Cambodia

Angkor Wat: How to kill an asthmatic Canadian friend

Angkor Wat: How to kill an asthmatic Canadian friend

When people think of Angor Wat, they think of the giant temples, the incredible architecture, and other wonderful things. And of course they should. Angkor Wat IS all of these things. But for me – Angkor Wat reminds me of how I almost killed my asthmatic Canadian friend. (oops) 

So, to guarantee that you can also forget all the best memories of Angkor Wat and instead replace them with a method of how to almost kill a friend. Please follow my step-by-step guide below:

1) Make sure they are from the Northern hemisphere – preferably North America or even better – Canada.

2) Make sure it is the Winter (-30 Celsius, dry) at home in the Northern Hemisphere and is summer (+40 Celsius, humid) in Cambodia in the Southern Hemisphere.

3) Make sure that they are both ASTHMATIC and maintain a moderately LAZY lifestyle (if they are still in University even better because we can guarantee they have been in the library doing nothing but studying)

4) Give them LESS than 24 hours to acclimatize to the weather

5) Within that 24 hours of arrival, arrange 4 straight days of intensive Temple climbing, which includes 4am rises to watch sunrise, and climbing to the top of every temple no matter its importance.

This very simple 5 step process will almost guarantee that your previously amiable friend will be sweating, huffing and puffing, swearing, and have a look in their eyes that says “I’m going to Kill you if I ever catch you”.

If you’re lucky, prior to her catching you, she will be mesmerized by the sereneness of Buddest carvings and forget the attempt on her life momentarily.

As a note of warning to all who will follow this simple 5 step process: remain at a 2 metre distance from said asthmatic, unacclimatized “friend” at all times; it may revolt and attempt a punch in the arm. It hurts.


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  1. it should be noted that the Canadian friend loved every single minute of it. and you forgot to mention the inability to eat the food there for a week. lol