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Posted by on Jan 31, 2012 in Peru, South America

Last South American Stop – Lima, Peru

Day 50 & 51 – Lima, Peru

Lima is a hectic city – honking, yelling, traffic – but with a bright yellow Plaza de Armas; you can’t help but be cheerful in the chaos.

I took a bus to Lima from Paracas in the afternoon. 4.5 Hours. Took a cab to my hostel and it was already dark. Stayed in and read the Lonely Planet- Italy I found on the shelf.

The one thing I was recommended to see in Lima was the catacombs at the San Francisco Church near the Plaza de Armas. Bones of Franciscan monks for hundreds of years displayed underneath a church? Sounds like an excellent sight to see! No cameras where allowed – and although they had a pit of 10 metres deep of Bones with the top layer very decoratively arranged, for me the best part of the church was NOT the bones – although they were VERY interesting – for me, the best part of the San Francisco Church was the Library! It was MASSIVE and holds SO many old books. With skylights in the roof to read, and circular staircases to the second floor; the place was mesmerizing.

After the catacombs, I wandered around the streets aimlessly. I crossed a bridge which was lined with gunned, army men. Maybe I should of realized they were there for a certain reason, but instead I kept walking. By the time I reached this church, a few of the army men approached me and told me they would escort me back to the other side of the bridge. “Really, Why?” I ask. They continued to inform me that this side of the bridge was incredibly dangerous, and that I would more than likely be robbed soon. This confused me because all the people looked pleasant enough – but I suppose I cannot simply trust the smiles of strangers. So I walked with them – feeling slightly like a fugitive, with them holding their guns and all – and crossed back onto the “safe for tourists” side of the bridge.

My hostel, Inka Lodge, was located in Miraflores. It is a wonderful area – and only a few blocks from the ocean. I spent the next day wandering Miraflores and I eventually went into a salon far a pedicure. I figured I might as well considering it was so cheap and I deserved to be pampered!

I wanted to spend as much time in the sun as I could. Because tomorrow – I have a flight to Canada.



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