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Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in Peru, South America

Monastery and City Tour – Arequipa, Peru

Day 34 & 35 – Monastery and City Tour – Arequipa, Peru

The city of Arequipa is known for its Monastery. I visited that and I explored the city via hop on -hop off. My lazy-woman ways for short time frames.

Today I bee-lined to the Santa Catalina Monastery. A giant colourful monastery from 1580 with many rooms to spend the day exploring. So I did just that. I spent 5 hours inside the monastery. It is huge, but not a labyrinth. I spent my time relaxing in the rooms, taking photos, and enjoying the beautiful colours! They had a cafe inside where I ordered a way to expensive vanilla milkshake and snack – delicious though. Tours came and went, and I just sat on stairs, and in doorways, watching the hustle and bustle within the monastery. I do love religious places. I am not religious – but the architecture is incredible. I like it here. Read more details about the Santa Catalina Monastery Here

Since I had one remaining day in Arequipa, I wanted to see the city from above. I opted out of the Colca Canyon even though I heard incredible things because I didn’t feel like hiking stairs or anything steep after all the stairs on Isla del Sol and the rollercoaster cities in Bolivia. Not hiking it is fine by me. I enjoyed the city instead.

To see the City, I took a city tour, on one of those uber touristy busses. At $5 CAD for 6 hours – I see no problem with sitting on the top and being snap happy in the sun as the city goes by below me.

I went to alpaca world, the lookout at the top of the city. and I ate Cheese icecream. Yes you read that correctly – CHEEEEESE. Why wouldn’t it be good? I like ice cream. I like Cheese. Put them together and you have double the deliciousness indeed.

The last stop of our tour was at La Mansion del Fundador (Founder’s Mansion). This Mansion dates back to the beginning of the Spanish occuption when the founder of the city, Don manuel Gerci de Carbajal, was allocated the land. It was reconstructed in 1981 by enthusiasts and now it is a beautiful building to explore.

Next up: Cuzco, Peru



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