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Posted by on Dec 4, 2011 in Asia, Japan

Japanese Sakura – Types and Styles

Did you know there are over 100 types of Japanese Cherry Trees (Sakura)? Now you do.

Most of us only see the pretty pink flowers that line the entire country in early Spring. But how about we learn a little more about the types of Sakura and what to look for next time you find yourself in a Sakura-Wonderland!

There are several characteristics differentiating the many cherry tree varieties.

  • Number of Petals
    • Most have 5 petals. Some specifies consist of 10, 20, or more petals.
  • Colour of the Blossom
    • Light Pink, White, dark pink, yellow, green, and everything in between!

  • Fresh Leaves
    • In Early blooming trees – leaves do not appear until AFTER full Bloom
    • In Late blooming trees – leaves appear BEFORE full Bloom
    • The colour of the leaves vary between bright greens, to coppery browns, or anywhere in between.
  • Time of Blooming
    • Most sakura bloom in Spring (March-April-May)
    • Yaezakura (5+ petals) bloom last; about 2-4 weeks after the 5 petal types
    • There are even Winter Blooming Sakura! But they are a very special type
  • Form of Tree
    • What is the shape of the cherry tree: triangular, columnar, V-shape, weeping, flat-topped?

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