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Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in South America, Travel Info

Hilarity of Spanish to English translations

So – as my life goes on – and I continue to work half English half Spanish – more hilarity ensues.

Direct translations are never good ones. Languages just dont work this way. but sometimes – I must translate as I just cannot understand.


Nati Writes:
siempre se caracterizaron por encontrarle la quinta pata al gallo

Direct Translation:
always characterized by the fifth leg to find the rooster

Real Translation is a Spanish saying:
They always find something wrong or something to complain about

Another One:
The other day I am sitting on the bus – looking at all the buildings go by – what else is there to do on a bus right? Well – I notice a restaurant- Name of this Restaurant? ARRUFAT. Now all I read is: Are You Fat. haha Not a translation error but a funny English reading.

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  1. are u fat!?!?! hahahha that’s is very funny