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Posted by on Nov 23, 2010 in England, Europe

London What a Rush!

Busy busy Bee!

Air Canada AC888 Ottawa-London 18:40-06:25
Aer Lingus EI711 London-Cork 09:30-10:50
Ryan Air RA9842 Cork-Dublin 07:30-08:20

Ryan Air RA9843 Dublin-Cork 07:55-08:45
Aer Lingus EI710 Cork-London 07:30-09:00
Air Canada AC889 London-Ottawa 12:05-15:55

So when you catch at flight at 6:40PM overnight to London and forget to check the time change and only looked at the London Arrival time….One does NOT think to attempt to fall asleep immediately upon getting to my seat. Well turns out 06:25 London time is 02:25 Ottawa time! YIKES! So I slept for the last 1 hour of my flight and prior to this I laughed my way through Despicable Me and various other shows.

Arrival in Heathrow….What a CONFUSING building…You just keep going and going and around and around haha then waited in line for Border Control for about 2 hours. Not bad not bad. Then I went to the Tube. Look at me speaking British. Tube. Haha. So purchased my Handy Oyster card which allows you to ride any public transport and you pre-pay so you never have to search for change! Great! Then off I went to London Bridge Station to arrive at my Hostel. Too bad the Jubilee Line was down for construction this fine London Sunday and Chrystal had to re-route herself taking about a 1/2 Hr detour. Thats ok – I’m high on excitement.

Arrive at my hostel – St.Christopher’s Village – Nice cozy little place with a great atmosphere – I head out immediately and do the sights – I hit up London Bridge and walk along the river to pass Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Millennium Bridge, The London eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ol Benny Boy. I then meet up with another Canadian girl and we head to Oxford street for some quality shopping time.  She was in search of wellies. I found a stunning pair of Office Heels. Im in Love.

I barely made it to 6PM, my lack of sleep was catching up to me. So I got into bed for a full nights sleep. I figured I would self-wake round 6AM. 12 hrs that’s enough. Well, I wake up in a start, look at my watch, its 9:30. HOW DID I SLEEP THAT LONG? So I rush up, shower, get all ready, walk downstairs, look out the glass front of the Hostel, and its quite dark.

“Maybe its just a really cloudy day? It IS London, right?”

Look around confuzzeled. Talk to a man behind the counter; “Excuse me, How do I get to Buckingham Palace?

“At This Hour? You won’t be able to see much”.
“At this hour? What do you mean? Isn’t it 9:30AM?”
“uhh- No It is 9:30PM Sunday, not Monday”

So apparently I had only slept for 3 hours instead of the 15 I thought I had. Excellent. Now What? I bought myself a chocolate croissant, ate it, and went RIGHT back to sleep. But alas, I DID over sleep and woke at 9:30AM Monday. Damn.

So What to do what to do – It’s London – MORE SHOPPING OF COURSE. Heading back to Oxford street to shop a few stores I hadn’t entered the day before and bought many pretty things at Primarks – which is a cheap department store that I now love. It’s like Britian’s Walmart. What a place. Then After, I went to Piccadilly Square, and Trafalgar Square, Convent Gardens. Went home because I had myself some tickets for Broadway – WICKED! What an AMAZING treat to myself. I went all alone and because I was a single ticket My seat was 34D. DEAD CENTRE THREE ROWS BEHIND THE ORCHESTRA. I laughed, I cried, I sang along, and I haven’t been so Happy in a long time. Great Night.

Tuesday. You figure I would of learned after not setting my alarm and sleeping in on Monday to set an alarm for Tuesday, but Nope. I figured I would just wake up. Apparently I don’t because Jetlag hit me harder then I thought it would. So I slept in and MISSED the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. Sad. But I still got to see a few guards marching around. So Instead, since I didn’t get to watch the Queen’s Guards I decided to Meet my Queen Elizabeth II- in wax form. I headed to Madam Tussaud’s. Waited in the rain for 3 hours to spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around FANTASTIC wax figures. I met: Brangelina, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Russal brand, The Beatles, Bob marley, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shrek, Spidey, my Husbans Prince William and Harry, and of course the Fabulous Queen Elizabeth II. Got my celebrity fix for the day.

Then in the evening – My British friend Jay whom I met in Chiang Mai Thailand who is now in New Zealand – introduced me to (via facebook) his bestie Alex and told us that we should meet up while I was in London. We met at Convent Gardens and went for Asian Fusion food. Friends of Friends – always fun. Alex convinced me to see Paranormal Activity 2. I screamed like the little girl I am and almost wet myself more than once. All in all a great night spent with a new good friend.

But of course I get back to the Hostel room which is 20 beds and the girl in the next bed starts making the CREEPIEST sounds EVER and I’m terrified and can not sleep. But that is good since It was past midnight and I had to wake for 4AM to catch my Plane to Cork, Ireland on time. I also slept fully dressed because it was pitch black in the room and I didn’t want to bother anybody. Also convenient if creepy noise girl next to me decided to attack me.

and Off to Ireland I go!