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Posted by on May 5, 2010 in Asia, Laos

Laos – Vientiane

Laos – Vientiane

So me and my friend Aung went to Laos for 5 days as a little Vacay. Aung is from Thailand and I met her in Taiwan at the conference APXLDS.


So we took a VERY LONG overnight bus ride up to the border. 17 hours. Lucky for me I bought a lovely CLOUDZ pillow on my flight over to Asia, so I brought it on the bus and slept like a baby with NO neck cramps in the morning! I cannot say the same for Aung sadly.


So we hung around Vientiane for a day looking at pretty temples of gold deliciousness and then, since Laos was previously a French colony we ATE BAGUETTES AND CHEESE which were in large availability. You do not realize how delicious bread and cheese is until you do not have it in your life for longer than 6 months.

We also somewhat – sorta – kinda went to Paris for a day!! well actually not – but there is an Arc de Triompe in Vientiane, built by the French, that was never fully finished but for the most part its a pretty sight. It is called Patuxai.


We spent a few hours sitting inside Pha That Luang – The golden pagoda. Pha That Luang is a symbol of both the Buddhist religion and Lao sovereignty. The temple was destroyed in 1828 during the Thai invasion, but was rebuilt by the French in the 1900’s.