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Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in Asia, Taiwan

Taiwan – Conference Post Tour

Taiwan – Conference Post Tour

After the conference I attended the Post tour. They took us to Taipei, Hualian and around!

One big bus filled with post conference AIESEC’ers all pumped up from the conference. We saw some beautiful things. My favourite part was the coastal bike tour AND the hot springs we went to.

Me overlooking the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Taiwan.

Dancing with the Aboriginals of Taiwan. We learned songs before meeting them. We danced and if you screwed up the steps, which of course I more often than not DID screw up,  you had to Drink this POTENT alcohol. This alcohol certainly did further improve my dance steps. They be playing tricks on me!

We biked the Hualian Coastal trail. Here are our bikess looking out at the beach.

Me at the Gorges in the national park. It is a HUGE gorge and you wander through the roads which are carved into the mountains. Helmets on at all times.

Me holding up somebody at the National Palace Museum. You could not take pictures INSIDE the museum because they do not want an inventory of their objects. They stole all this stuff inside the museum from China a long long time ago and they do not want to give it back.

Old hotel in Taipei, Taiwan

Spelling AIESEC on the beach in Hualian with Liz from Ohio, USA