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Posted by on Apr 20, 2010 in Asia, China

Shanghai Layover: 10 Hours to Explore

Shanghai Layover: 10 Hours to Explore

I had a 10 hour layover in Shanghai, China on my return flight to Bangkok from Tokyo, Japan. Did I sneak into China for 10 hours? Maybe….

I have a friend name Jerry who lives in Shanghai who previously lived with me in 2008 for a summer while doing an AIESEC CEED in Ottawa. So he came to the airport to hangout with me. BUT I was sad because I did NOT have time to get a Chinese Visa before so was thinking I could NOT visit Shanghai during my layover. Well EVER so CONVENIENTLY the Pu Dong Int’l Airport Transfer terminal was under construction. I went through immigration and security and then they let all the transfers out into the regular departures section to just come BACK through immigration and security to re-enter the airport. Well, If I am let into the regular airport unaccompanied: what is stopping me from exploring Shanghai for the day? NOTHING.

So Jerry and I walked out of the airport casually and off we went into the overcast day of Shanghai. I wasn’t caught so it is ALL good. Jerry took me to the major sights of Shanghai including the EXPO2010, but gates were up so I could only see the pavilions from afar.

We walked around all afternoon and went to the bridges of 9 turns, which actually used to be somebody’s HOUSE. The owner passed away and the “house” was given to the government and is now public and a shopping district. Somebody’s HOUSE was transformed into a shopping DISTRICT.

Jerry took me for REAL Chinese food which is NOTHING like Mr.Chinese, for better or for worse – it is hard to say. Real Chinese food is delicious but it just doesn’t have that uber greasy, hang-over cure, heart attack central, Lure to it. But delicious non the less. mm mm mm.


Then I returned to the airport and went through security no questions asked. I had my answer prepared had they asked me why I did not immediately return through security: “The Internet was really great in the lobby”.

Ps. This sign “You Are Here” – had no map attached, no nothing. A simple black sign that told me I was here. Entertaining.