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Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in Asia, Explore, Thailand

Kanchanaburi – Tiger Temple

Kanchanaburi – Tiger Temple

A temple filled with tigers and monks? I’m in!



We visited the Tiger Temple. It is a Monk who runs the Temple and monks live on the grounds with the tigers- together happily.

There is major speculation if the Tigers are drugged cause they are asleep in the afternoons when you can go and take photos with them. Being there and seeing the tigers I personally, do not think they are drugged because a few of the tigers were awake and walking on their chains (sad).


Since we hitchhiked to the temple, we had the opportunity to stay late since we were NOT on a tour. The monks released the tigers, and they played in the water for exercise time and all the tigers were awake and well ready for exercise time. So yes, I think they are just sleeping cause it is SO SO hot in the afternoons in Thailand.

But they were beautiful. I got to cuddle with a younger tiger and then the bigger tigers kept hitting me in the face with their tails. Watching them exercise was entertaining: they were fighting each other and chasing a yellow bag on a long stick that the monks were using to play with the tigers. Playing with tigers – who’d of thought it. It was great to watch them play.


Halfway through we had to stop and put our cameras away because the Princess of Thailand came and wanted to watch the Tigers. How often do you get to be a couple of metres away from the Princess of Thailand? We had to put our cameras away because if you took pictures of the princess, the results would be our own fault (bullets), so for our safety – no photos at ALL.

I would love to go back and spend more time cuddling with the lions.

Would you cuddle with a Lion?