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Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Kanchanaburi, Thailand – Erawan Falls

Kanchanaburi – Erawan Falls

Since Sean was visiting, I decided he should see more than Bangkok, which is quite boring, and filled with protesters currently. We went to relax in waterfalls and pet Tigers. We took a 2 day trip to Kanchanaburi, a city 2 hours West of Bangkok. When we first arrived we hopped on another bus and headed up to Erawan Falls: A 7 tiered waterfall that is quite the hike up to the top. It is named Erawan because the 7th tier resembles the three-headed white Hindu Elephant God Erawan.

You can walk to each level fairly easily on the paths. We hiked all the way up and it was quite a scramble. At the top, we took a little dip in the FRESH water. Yay- no salt water. But there were all these fish that eat the dead skin off your body in the water. It doesnt hurt and it is not bad for you, they just eat dead skin, but normally the fish are little tiny things (10cm long or so) but in this pool they were HUGE (about 30cm). I was squealing terribly because it felt so incredibly strange. Beautiful waterfalls and a lovely, refreshing, swim.


  1. Ohh, your tweet of this post reminded me to build this area into my next trip! Did you get a bus there? Where did you stay?
    Did you hear anything about the train? Looks like a good option to me….

    • YOu DEFINITELY need to. The area is beautiful. I went for a two day trip and I took the bus yes but the train is also possible – I just happened to live next to the bus terminal in Bangkok! We just showed up and found a hostel – Cannot recall the name! Sorry. The train runs through town so you see it often, I took the train north and LOVED it so I assume this train ride would be the same. 😀 Great option! Looks to see and do! Also check out Hellfire’s pass.