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Posted by on Apr 5, 2010 in Asia, Taiwan



Asian Pacific exchange & Leadership Development Seminar was AMAZING. This conference is hosted by AIESEC, the largest non-profit student run organization in the world. AIESEC develops youth leaders.

In 7 days I only had 12 hours of sleep in total. But that did not matter because there was so much energy at the conference it was easy to just sit in a room and be energized, keep going, keep smiling, and keep laughing. The conference had 600 people from 15+ countries (Mostly from Asian Pacific but they had a few representatives from the other side of the world: aka me from Canada)

Everyday they hosted sessions for us on different topics, broadly categorized into leadership, development, sustainability, and growth. In the evenings they hosted different themed parties; Beer Party, Taiwan Night, Beach Party, Gala Night. Some sessions were organized and run by sponsoring companies such as InBev and DHL.

I obtained a job in the Philippines for the months of July/August. Networking does wonders.

I love Asia. I want to stay here forever. The people are wonderful and the cultures are ALL so incredibly unique. I Love it the fusion of lifestyles this conference united. This was one of the BEST weeks of my LIFE.

These are my roomates: Karen from Hong Kong, Akira from Japan, Me, and Jamie from Korea.

This is Kazu from Japan- We share the same birthday so we partied all night together.

This is at the Global village- Me with Korea. I LOVE their dresses.

This was the Taiwan night they put on! It was a little market with foods and games and sparklers and SMILES!!

This is a photo of the beer party final!! haha Teams were composed by country and competed against eachother!! Sadly I was the only Canadian that drank (there was one other Canadian) and so On my team I have Cambodia, Thailand, Hungary, and I!!