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Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Asia, Taiwan

Arrival: Taipei, Taiwan!

Arrival: Taipei, Taiwan!

I have safety arrived in Taipai after a 4 hour flight, 1 hour forward clock switch-a-roo, and a 15 degrees drop in temperature. It is only 20 degrees here – I am dying its so cold. Why do I always choose to travel to the cold countries. silly me.

But yeah arrive and then took a bus then a subway and then met up with Ken, my couchsurfing host. He’s from Taiwan but grew up in Oklahoma, and his 4 other roommates are Americans from Arizona and Michigan. They are all going to school here.

So tonight Ken asked if I wanted to go to kickboxing with him- I said sure why not. So we went to this beautiful area with temples and a pavilion and it is a Danish guy named Anders who hosts this kickboxing class on Tues/Thurs every week. Its basically just all Foreigners who go and do kickboxing in the middle of this area. It was really fun but also a hard workout. I’m lazy.

Then afterwards Ken took me to a night market around his house and we just wandered and drank milk tea – its kind of like bubble tea cause it had tapioca beads on the bottom – but more milky. but it was super delicious.

Tomorrow I am going to wander Taipei unattended in search of Temples and pretty things. Wish me luck