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Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Rice Harvesting in Bangkok

Rice Harvesting in Bangkok


It is rice harvesting season in Thailand – and I went to help out. 



The University took 10 of us to Harvest Rice at the other Campus, Rangsit.


So why did I harvest rice? WHY NOT?!?! Seemed like a very good learning experience. And it was. Also a good workout.

We were given sharp hooked gadgets and told to grab a hold of the rice and then cut it near the bottom and pile it up. We did the entire field. See all of the people helping? The entire field was all cut by the end. My exchange student group were the first ones to cross the entire field. No it was not a raise – but in my head it was!

One handful of rice, a huge amount it seems, will ONLY make about one bowl of rice. A very huge amount of work goes into rice harvesting with not a huge payout. I have a much greater respect for a bowl of rice now and ALL the people who harvest it.