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Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Klong Khone, Thailand – Monkey Island & Mud Boarding

Klong Khone, Thailand – Monkey Island & Mud Boarding

Going to Monkey Island. Going to see some Monkeys. And maybe do some Mud boarding! 

So I decided I did not want to stay in Bangkok for the weekend. So 6 of us left town on a 10 Baht (33 cent) Train ride, 5 Baht Ferry, and another 10 Baht Train ride until we arrived at Klong Khone, Thailand. A little place in the middle of nowhere that has a Monkey Island. Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys!

Our train had JUST arrived 2 minutes before and we passed through on these tracks. As you can view the tracks have a market on them. The market was pulled back, the tarps and stalls, for the train to pass through and then immediately afterwards the market is put back over the tracks. It was a really nice market as well. But seems a little inconvenient to put a market on the tracks, why not simply place it on an adjacent street?

Upon arrival at our hostel, men were loading full length bamboo shoots onto a truck. They drove off with the bamboo dragging behind. Bamboo IS the strongest wood in the world, but those roads are pretty rough – I doubt all the Bamboo will make it in one piece!

I spent the evening in with my friends. We sang the night away on the karaoke machine. Yes – I sing. No – I’m not good.

We had the option of sleeping inside little huts on stilts OR sleeping on mats in the open air balcony. The mats & balcony is cheaper, so for 150 Baht ($5) each for the night – we slept outside on mats on bamboo over water with a view of the monkeys. Not the most comfortable sleep.

We rented a boat for 400 Baht ($13.3) total to take us out to see the monkeys on the island and to take us to play in the Mud. The river is only 1 metre deep and the rest is about 5 metres of mud.

The whole area is just mud/clay everywhere. People scoot around on these long boards searching for shells to collect and sell in markets. I attempted the long board but liked just playing in the mud better. At one point 4 of the group decided to stand on the long board and faceplant into the mud. Geoff was the only one who went full face into the mud. I stood aside and watched the face plant – there was no need to eat MORE mud than necessary.

Long boarding is slow and easy but the bad part is that mud shoots up into your face the entire time. That is why I am not smiling in the photo – I am eating mud.