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Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Chinese New Years in Chanthaburi, Thailand

Chinese New Years in Chanthaburi, Thailand

When friends used to live in Thailand, they invite you to celebrate Chinese New Year with their previous host family.

My friend lived in Thailand four years ago (2006) on a rotary exchange in high school for one year. So, she invited me to her host family’s house to celebrate with them since they are Chinese. The family’s father is the mayor of Chanthaburi, and they have a massive family. They live in a 5 story house and on the top floor is a Buddest shrine.


This is the shrine that they have on the 5th floor of the house. There are tons of buddahs here and elephants and in the room just next to here are portraits of their recently passed relatives that they pray. They light incense and pray with them to their ancestors, and put burning incense in a pot in front of their portrait. My friend and I were allowed to pray and sit in meditation position in front of the buddahs to think about our ancestors. It was a very appreciative moment.


During the day on Valentine’s day a group of us went to the beach. Left to right: Pi Jang, Pi Bong, Kiranda, an Aunt, Suwichaya, and Rainny. You cannot get any fresher food that a fish they just pulled out of the ocean, tossed on some flames, and you watch cook IN FRONT of you.



One of the traditions on Chinese New Years, is for adults, or those who are married, to give Red envelopes to those younger than them. These envelopes are filled with money. Paige told me about this tradition, but I did not expect anything from the family since I was a guest and there to observe in the holiday. But since they are so wonderful, they gave me envelopes as well, I felt so welcomed into their home and their family. I was offered 3,700 Baht ($123). That is an incredible amount of money in Thailand and I felt so blessed by the family.