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Posted by on Jan 15, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Obsession with Bleach Cream

Obsession with Bleach Cream

I went in search of Sunscreen today. Which they barely sell in Bangkok, Thailand. Only at touristy resorts can you find any – and the prices are like 1000 Baht = $30! What a Rip Off! But $30 is worth saving myself from skin cancer!

So I went to the Local Tesco Lotus (big chain store here) and found some for 500 Baht. So not too bad. But then I read the back. Whitening sunscreen! It was a bleach.

So, Thais want to be whiter. They all buy whitening creams in any form; body lotions, sun screens, spray-ons. They essentially are bleaching their skin to be whiter. So it is VERY difficult for me, Miss.Whitey-Canadian-Whiterskin, to find any of those products in non-whitening form.