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Posted by on Jan 31, 2010 in Asia, Vietnam

Vietnam – Day 3 and 4 – Marble Mountain & Hoi An

Vietnam – Day 3 and 4 – Marble Mountain & Hoi An

Hoi An is the jewel of Vietnam. Atleast in my opinion. 

The Plan: To bus all the way up the coast (South to North) of Vietnam and stop along the way.

Realization: With a 10 day time constraint, busing 1705KM was not feasible So, we flew up to Danang which is an hour away from Hoi An. Hoi An used to be a trading capital for Asia, but that moved to Danang so Hoi An remained a BEAUTIFUl little town with old historic buildings on a river with a really easy vibe to it.

So we flew in and got into a taxi, and agreed upon a price, but then the meter went over the arranged price. We argued with the driver to no avail, and finally he dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We went to the coast and walked along the beaches until we came up to a hotel under construction. There were men working all throughout it, and here we are, 5 backpackers just wandering through.  We just wanted to find somebody who spoke english who could help us. Half way up to the hotel, walking through what will end up being a BEATIFUL pool area, ALL the workers staring at us and smiling, til a gorup of the workers took out their cameras and took pictures of US! So we whipped out our cameras, for a photo battle, and took pictures of them. When we finally went inside, turned out that the hotel was OPEN! Of course, at a discount because it was still under construction. It was a 5 star hotel, So I went to the bathroom in there just to say I have gone on a marble toilet.

Then we went outside and managed to flag down a taxi but then we couldn’t comunicate because almost nobody in Vietnam speaks English fluently – Why would they? But then this motorcyclist stoped and she spoke perfect English, and we asked if we could get a motortaxi ride from her. She said wait ten minutes and she would get 5 motorcycle taxis for us for 100,000 Dong per person for the 50 Minute Ride to Marble Mountain which we could see very tiny in the distance. So we all hopped onto the bikes, and gave our thanks to the Kindness of Strangers.

We went to Hoi An and spent the evening wandering around the streets. The next day (4th) we rented bicycles and toured the old quarters of the town. It is an incredibly quaint city. I was leading our bicycle group and I took us off the main roads onto the back streets so we could see the real locals houses and surrounding scenery. I am truly in awe of Hoi An, Vietnam: I love this town – its so calming and pretty!

The Next day we hopped onto a Night Bus to travel up to Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. This bus was NOT made for anybody over the height of 5 feet. Only for tiny Asians. The beds reminded me of tiny alien pods. I am 5 foot 3 inches and could not fit into the beds. They had leg coverings which made it impossible to roll over. Thus said: I got NO sleep ALL night.