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Posted by on Jan 10, 2010 in Asia, Thailand

Island Experience – Koh Samed, Thailand

Island Experience – Koh Samed, Thailand

3 days on a tropical beach with 30 exchange students on our first weekend out. Wonder where THAT could get us eh?

Lets see.

Friday: 6am wake. Not a good start. 8 others and I headed to Koh Samed. The closest island to Bangkok. 40 minute taxi, 3.5 hour bus ride. 45 minute ferry. and ahhh we have arrived! Found the first beach hut huts we could find and bought rooms for the night – 300 Baht for a double bed – shared with a girl, Emily, so 150 Baht each ($5) per night. But – sadly – we should of splurged and spent $8 a night because our little hut hut was not as luxurious as expected, ok not luxurious at all. It was actually dingy – it reminded me of a crack addicts house. But it did the trick – it had a bed (with questionable sheets) and a bathroom where when you use the toilet it just drops below the house (we were risen- nothing like a little class for $5 eh?). This island sounds so beautiful so far doesnt it?

First: White Sands. and Blue Blue water. Lovely. Swimming and Sunbathing ensued. I lathered on that sun screen (No skin cancer for me – or so I thought). But it had no effect against this Asian sun – it beat me rashy. Now my chest looks like a tomato with spots. Not pretty. BUT…..the rest of me……looks like I just spent an entire Canadian summer tanning – but i got this in only 3 days. LOVE THIS ASIAN HEAT & SUN.

Next up: Frisbee and beers on the beach. Island life is the life for me!

There were restaurants all along the beach that put out little tables at dinner time with cushions to sit on. So we went to this one place that was like a seafood buffet – except all the food was alive – talk about fresh! You went up and pointed to what you wanted – fish, crab, snails. I choose a crab to eat – they picked him up out of his bucket where he was happily floating around and put him onto the barbeque and then onto my plate. Not the happy ending he intended. But I must admit – it sure was the happy ending I intended! The crab was amazing! Except – I realized I take advantage of things in Canada – like utensils – Have you ever tried to eat a full shelled crab with only your hands? Yeah….not as fun as it sounds! haha. So the group of us probably spent the next 2 hours fighting with our crabs to open the shells to eat them. But it was by far the best crab I have ever eaten! So so good. And the price of that amazingly fresh crab? 100 Baht – $3. I am never going to Red Lobster again.

Finally: drinking, talking and dancing on the beach. By this time lots of other exchange students from my apartment had trickled in, so we massed about 35 students all excited for island fun.

Saturday: Woke up bright and early 8am and headed on down to the beach – we were still exhausted but the only harm done was the 4 minute walk to the beach chairs since we all just layed on the beach and went back to bed. Again a day of swimming and relaxing. The evening consisted of a fire show; locals played with fire on sticks and danced with them.

Sunday: Woke up early and sat on the beach- AGAIN.

I went to rent a motorbike – problem is – I don’t know how to drive one. They did not show me how to Break. This is an important part of motorbike riding. I pressed the gas instead and went flying across the road and crashed into a flower bed. That was the end of Chrystal’s motorbike adventure. No injuries except to my ego.

My friends took pity and one let me ride on the back of his bike. 3 hours biking around the island. There are not roads on this island…there are death traps. The roads were TERRRIBLE. pot holes everywhere, really steep up hills and down hills, and driving on the left hand side. By the end of that ride, you could of slapped my butt and I would not of felt it cause the motorbike had NO shocks what-so-ever! Bumpiest ride of life and at times terrifying cause I was bouncing around and thought it would be a 1-2-3 Chrystal’s in a tree.


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  1. Chrystal! That's amazing! The beach is gorgeous!