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Posted by on Dec 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Beginning of Tedious Flights

Beginning of Tedious Flights

I’m here sitting in Chicago. After leaving at 5am this morning from Thunder Bay Canada, driving 8 hours South to Minneapolis, and realizing I was REALLLLLY early. Sitting around for 4 hours until The Airline even allowed me to check my luggage at 1:15PM, I get to sit around for another 3 hours. This 3 turns into 6 hours since all flights were delayed into Chicago due to weather and air traffic. Damn you Northern Hemisphere Winter weather!

Now I am in Illinois. Never been here before. From what I can see (a Hilton and a bunch of Polish folk) it seems nice. By Polish folk I mean there is a flight to Warsaw at 11:45PM before my flight to Seoul, Korea at 1AM.

I’m exhausted – But I bought some stuff the guy at the counter recommended to knock me out on my flight. Drugs are acceptable in this situation.

I’ll update from Korea…..since I’ll have a 12 hour lay over there. It is 2 full days of travel to get from the middle of Canada to my final destination of Bangkok, Thailand.

 I sure know how to pick the absolute worst flight connections don’t I?!

Oh Yeah…It’s New Years Eve.