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Quintessential Whitsunday Tourist

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014 in AFaS, Australia, Oceania

Whitsunday Islands Australia-21

My hand grasped the rope in a death grip. I sat side-saddle on the rubber boat, with the salty ocean water spraying my face, obscuring my view, as I was jostled forcefully with every new wave the boat surpassed. My hair snaked across my face uncontrollably in the wind, and with each determined flick of my head, seemed to tangle further. Why was today the only day I didn’t bring a hair tie? But as I stared out the islands dotting my view and my stomach clenched yet again, I knew it was the perfect blend of both fear and adrenalin. This was the way to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands.

52-Week Book Challenge: Q3

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in AFaS, Reading List, Travel Info

GoodReads - 12 Book Covers

And in the last 3 months my life has done a 180 yet again. But my dedication to books and my New Years Resolution remained steadfast. I only read 12 books, so I didn’t maintain my one book a week, but I did start a new hobby with gusto and read many a thick sewing book and followed along with tutorials. So a new skill counts for something right?

When Aussi Dreams Come True: Kangaroos & Koalas

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in AFaS, Australia, Oceania

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary GC Australia-5

Most people have similar notions about what they want to do in Australia. Visit Sydney Harbour, Dive the Great Barrier Reef, and Roadtrip through the Outback. My expectations were a little less city oriented and a little fuzzier – I wanted to Cuddle a Koala and Hug a Kangaroo. And guess what? All my Aussi dreams came true at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Balkan Photo Summary – 30 Days

Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in AFaS, Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Europe, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Photo Diary, Photos, Slovenia

Balkans Route

Going through the Balkans was incredible. Ok – I snuck some European Union in here to – adding Italy and Slovenia to start and ending with a bang in Greece. The region is vibrant – its history, its food, its views! It was a region I’d been dying to visit for a long time, and my 30-day jaunt didn’t do it justice. But fulfilled all 50 reasons I wanted to explore the Region and gave me 1000 reasons to return.

Budget Extremes: Meet the Noodle Girls

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in AFaS, Australia, Oceania


I always say I love to budget. But I wouldn’t call myslf cheap. I spend where I want for some luxuries and skimp on other things I see as unnecessary or a rip-off. I always eat fairly well while trying to find a discount and limit activities according to what I can afford. But what about when budgeting goes too far?

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Australia, Oceania

Rain by George Hodan

Rain by George Hodan

As I sat on my top bunk in my 6 bed dorm, staring at the television playing Fringe with my 5 roommates, I couldn’t help but feel relieved. As the rain continued to thrash the window and the wind continued its test of elasticity of the palm tree trunks outside, I knew that it would end soon. I knew that the last two days I spent harried and frazzled in the midst of the flooding evacuation were but another story to tell; No longer a threat.